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Shelley M. Rehn

Practice Areas

Shelley has over 30 years of experience in accounting and customer service across several industries. She has expertise with accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, month-end close, software implementations, property taxes, sales/use tax, payroll, budgeting, bank reconciliations, and Financial Statement analytics. She has a passion for process improvements and mentoring, always striving to be of value.

Industry Areas

Shelley has a served in the Fast Food, Health Care, and Point-of-sale (credit card terminal distribution) industries for small to middle size businesses and continues to serve within the Professional services (auditing, tax, consulting, accounting, finance) spectrum.

Professional Experience

Shelley brought her 30+ years of experience in accounting to the firm in 2022 with a focus on continued compliance, positive customer experience (internal and external customers), confidence, and reliability. She has improved numerous processes over the course of her career and takes pride in automating and streamlining tasks for maximum efficiency, improved profit margins, higher staff utilization, and quality time management.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Phoenix (Arizona)