Our Clients

Our Clients Operate
Around the World

Our Clients Throughout The World

We Work with Large and Complex Privately-Held and Private-Equity Backed Companies Operating in More Than 20 Industries

Providing Tax and CPA Services To More Than 20 Industries

Architectural & Engineering
Asset And Wealth Management
Breweries and Distillers
Capital Markets
Consumer Markets
Entertainment and Sports
Food Transportation & Logistics
Food Processing
Food Manufacturing
Forest, Paper And Packaging

Grocery Stores
Healthcare and Health Services
Hospitality And Leisure
Industrial Manufacturing
Law Firm Services
Private Equity
Property Casualty Insurance
Real Estate
Transportation And Logistics
Venture Capital

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Do You Fit Our Client Profile?

We’re dedicated to our clients, and have a full team of people excited to help our clients address their financial reporting and tax challenges. Our clients tend to be enthusiastic business people too!

Use the drop down box below to see if you match the common profile of a CTW client:

Conduct operations globally and/or in multiple US jurisdictions.

Buying businesses as a strategic buyer or private equity investor.

Are you considering a sale of your business?

Engage in debt and equity recapitalizations in support of business expansion or ownership succession.

Need attest services for GAAP-based or IRFS-based financial statements? 

Require advice on financial and operating controls, checks and balances. We can work with you to develop and implement internal controls.

Need representation in connection with an upcoming or ongoing examination by tax authorities? We are able to work with clients who are subject to frequent, ongoing examinations by tax authorities.

Do you have concerns about exposure to estate taxes? We are able to work with owners and individuals who have exposure to the estate tax.

We work with those who want to protect their assets from potential liabilities or are seeking to diversify.

Are you interested in making gifts to your children and grandchildren? We can work with you to properly plan gifts in order to pass your assets to the next generation without a liquidity event. 

Do you need help maintaining trusts established to execute your estate plan? We work with owners who need assistance with the maintenance of estate planning vehicles that have already been implemented or require implementation following death.

Maintain benefit plans with reporting requirements under ERISA and the DOL regulations.

Qualify for and are seeking to claim specific tax credits or incentives.

We are considering an investment in a new location and want help negotiating local incentives.

Need support in connection with litigation or post-transaction forensic accounting.

Need accounting support and assurance services for your nonprofit corporation (including charitable organizations, trade and professional associations, private and charter schools, churches, cooperatives, volunteer health and welfare organizations, and private clubs.)

If you do business with the U.S. Government, we can work with you on an audit of your rate and help you comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Does This Sound Like You?

You can get in touch with the CTW Team by giving us a call, sending us an email, or stopping in for a visit!