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Ryan E. Taylor, CPA

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Practice Areas

Ryan offers tax consulting and compliance services for a large array of business and entities types. He specializes in high net worth individuals, estate and succession planning, complex consolidated corporation, ASC 740 provision for income taxes, multi-state filing requirements, flow-through entities and complex business structures, domestic owned foreign controlled corporations, and incentives & credit opportunities for tax minimization.

Industry Areas

Ryan takes interest in and serves several industries, they include: computer technology, programming, app development, internet, commercial and residential real estate, construction, farming and agriculture, wholesale and retail distribution, transportation, manufacturing and production, and professional service corporations and healthcare.

Professional Experience

Ryan is a thoughtful and attentive leader with more than 14 years of experience. He advises clients and helps organize complex entity structures to meet various business and tax planning needs. He creates value for his clients by understanding each company’s business, their goals, challenges, and future plans. He proactively identifies tax opportunities, tax strategies, and incentive credits, while minimizing penalty exposure for high-risk tax positions. He seeks to create a partnership with each of his clients where he can provide responsive and thoughtful solutions to issues that arise during operations and during various phases of the business life-cycle. He enjoys providing solutions for complex transactions, business combinations, succession, multi-state filings, nexus issues, international reporting requirements, and others. Prior to joining the phenomenal team at CTW, he was a manager with an international accounting firm. There he was exposed to several industries and many multi-billion dollar businesses.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Utah