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Lia N. Bekalu, CPA

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Practice Areas

Lia has extensive experience in conducting audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements, business process and internal control reviews and research, and general business consulting. Lia is also actively involved in the growth and development of firm staff.

Industry Areas

Lia serves a wide variety of clients including manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, service providers, healthcare, franchisors and employee owned companies. Lia’s experience also includes financial statement audits of employee benefit plans with a focus on ESOPs and 401(k)s.

Professional Experience

Lia has over 14 years of experience working with a full array of clients. She enjoys being a resource to her clients whether it be helping them research and digest the latest accounting standard or finding a solution to a business challenge they are faced with. Lia’s professional experience includes working with employee owned companies and the unique challenges they face.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accountancy, University of Houston