Serving Businesses,
Investors & High
Wealth Individuals

Audit and Assurance Services

CTW’s audit and assurance services teams provide quick and efficient responses to client needs. CTW audit and assurance teams serve mid to large businesses and organizations. Our teams tailor each engagement to match the client's complexity, special industry considerations, and timing needs. Where appropriate, we utilize sophisticated audit techniques using the latest technology. Our professional approach focuses on delivering quality and efficiency in order to maximize value to our clients. For a complete list of audit and assurance services, click here.


Tax Services

CTW’s tax service teams work with businesses, their owners and high-wealth individuals to develop tax plans focused on eliminating taxes, deferring taxes, minimizing tax risks and to comply with reporting needs. The service approach ensures a year-around dialogue to stay abreast of business and tax developments so that services may be tailored to each client’s needs in a timely fashion. Our team prides itself on leaving no stone unturned. For a complete list of tax services, click here.


Transaction Services

CTW works on both the sell and buy sides of business acquisition and sales transactions. We also assist with the formation of business joint ventures, management buyouts, and other transactions. On the sell side, CTW prepares privately held businesses and their owners for sales or recapitalization events. On the buy side, CTW professionals work with buyers to perfect their offer prices for targets, evaluate target risks, structure acquisition or joint venture investments, and integrate target operations. View complete lists of our transaction services.


Consulting Services

CTW helps businesses to establish and monitor internal controls and adopt new tax and financial accounting pronouncements. We can also work with them to manage banking relationships and working capital requirements, and address the unique challenges associated with family-ownership and management succession. For a complete list of consulting services, click here.