Embracing Work-Life Balance With The CTW Team

At Campbell Taylor Washburn, we’re big believers in work-life balance. Taking the time to recharge and have some fun ultimately makes us all more effective at work. Here’s a look at our approach to work-life balance, and some of our favorite team celebrations from last year.

Learn How The Campbell Taylor Washburn Team Does Work-Life Balance

Benefits That Encourage Time Off

Campbell Taylor Washburn offers a competitive PTO package, including vacation time, sick time, and parental leave. We also offer comp time. Comp time is accrued when team members work over standard full-time hours, and can then be either used as additional PTO or cashed out.

Celebrating The Big & The Small

We believe in celebrating and supporting each other, both for the year’s big events and each day. Birthdays are celebrated monthly with a cake with the whole Campbell Taylor Washburn crew. For your little daily celebrations, the kitchen is always well-stocked with snacks. During the busy tax season each year, we pick a couple of days to have food catered to the office since many team members work longer hours during that time. And we make sure to celebrate a successful end to the busy season each year! 

A Year In Celebrations

Want to become part of a team that respects your personal life as much as it values you as a professional? Campbell Taylor Washburn is hiring! Apply here.

Does That Sound Like You?

You can get in touch with the CTW Team by giving us a call, sending us an email, or stopping in for a visit!