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Audit and Tax Internships With Campbell Taylor Washburn

Do you want to be great? Our spring and summer audit and tax internships offer students and those newer to the field with an opportunity to establish a strong foundation in the work. We believe in having our interns perform the work that they would do if they were to become full time hires. As a result, our internships are not a mere continuation of the recruitment process but rather a real professional work experience.

You will have a chance to work with and learn from an experienced team as you serve with a variety of interesting clients. This internship will require the ability to work with a team, a strong work ethic, and excellent analytical and organizational skills. For those interns who have performed well, the intern experience has sometimes extended into part time work through their graduation dates. Those involved have benefited academically from seeing where their studies have direct application in the workplace.

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Our audit and tax internships are an excellent first step in building your career in finance.

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