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We’re looking for problem solvers and puzzle lovers. Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional, a career at CTW offers a unique opportunity to grow professionally by serving clients that are large, privately-held and private equity-backed businesses operating in a variety of industries and legal structures. Our highly focused, diverse team focuses on doing great work while remaining caring and flexible.


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A Growth-Focused Culture

We believe in investing in our team. As a CTW team member, you’ll have access to on the job training and continuing professional education. This includes online instruction, in-house programs, third party training and seminars, masters programs, etc. Most importantly, our people develop professionally from constructive on-the-job feedback while participating in a broad array of complex client assignments which span the full range of technical challenges and cover a broad array of industries. Such experience gives our people a broad range of knowledge rather than restricting their knowledge to that associated with a specific industry or specific range of technical knowledge. Lastly, we develop the professional skills of our personnel through the thoughtful guidance of client service team leaders, assigned mentors, performance managers, and a continuing education counselor.

Our Culture

We love complex work - our team members are problem-solvers at heart. Our culture is collaborative and open-minded. We embrace hard work and work-life balance. We believe in investing in our team members for the long haul.


CTW strongly supports the health of each team member and their family members. For employees, CTW pays 90% of medical insurance premiums (offering optional medical plans) and 100% of vision, dental, long term disability and life insurance coverage. For dependents of employees, CTW pays 80% of medical insurance premiums (offering optional medical plans) and 100% of vision coverage. Dependents may participate in CTW's dental plan at their expense. Health Savings Accounts and Section 125 Plans are also available.

For associates and senior associates, CTW offers 13 days of paid time off and 5 paid sick days. Associates and senior associates may also "bank" up to 3 weeks of overtime to be used as additional time off at their election. For managers and above, CTW offers 4 weeks of paid time off. CTW also observes traditional holidays throughout the year with some exceptions during the traditionally busy Spring season.

CTW believes that there is no more effective way to communicate than in a face-to-face meeting. Whether its a client communication, an engagement team communication or a departmental/firm meeting, topics are best conveyed when all parties are physically present with one another. That said, we recognize that some of our best work comes from the times our professionals have alone to focus on the complex topics we address each day. So, for our employees who need to work remotely for portions of their workdays or on certain days of the week, we have made investments in secure technology to enable them to be productive while working outside our office. In this way, these personnel can both be available in person to their clients and teams, and still be able to remain productive as they address concerns that would keep them from the office.

We believe that we offer a highly competitive compensation package. For associates and senior associates, compensation is structured as a base pay plus overtime pay for overtime worked. For managers and above, compensation is structured as a base pay plus bonus.

CTW offers a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan to all eligible employees. Employees become eligible in the first month following 90 days of employment. CTW matches 100% of employee contributions up to 4% of total compensation. At its discretion, CTW also makes profit sharing contributions to the plan. The plan is professionally administered with a menu of investment fund alternatives and investment advice available.

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